Supplements and herbs in cancer

I guess an explanation of why the entry was created in the first place is in order. People will always reach for alternatives, for various reasons. Some don’t believe in doctors, others have been told to go home, lie down and wait to die (how supplement can harm them, will they die more from it?). … Read more


Tryptophan is one of my favorite supplements. It is rare to find something that helps such a large percentage of people with a very strong and pronounced effect. Most of the specifics I discuss on the blog generally help a small number of sufferers and require a long supplementation, for example, omega 3, which is … Read more

CLA – Conjugated linoleic acid

One of the the most interesting dietary conundrums I’ve encountered. Basically, every study that has been done with it has shown some kind of positive effect – you could say it’s good “for everything”. On the other hand, it is found basically only in animal products; on a vegan diet it is practically absent. Paradoxically, … Read more

Copper supplementation

A difficult topic. It’s hard to decide whether this element should be supplemented or rather avoided. Official medicine washes its hands, while unofficial medicine is divided into two groups – one part wants to outlaw copper altogether and banish it from common supplements, while the other urges everyone to take as much of it as … Read more

Two faces of arachidonic acid

Sometimes I face the accusation that I don’t give simple answers – instead of throwing in some recipe for therapy, I philosophize, circle around the subject, create more questions than answers. Well – only for extremely simple people the world is uncomplicated. As a rule, what will help one person will harm another, this applies … Read more

Evening primrose oil

It is appropriate to begin this entry by introducing the profile of David Horrobin. This gentleman once famously sold evening primrose or borage oil, which he advertised as a cure for almost everything. He claimed that a deficiency of one substance, gamma linolenic acid, was at the root of many – perhaps most – of … Read more

Which supplements are worth taking to prevent diseases?

A fairly common question that comes up. Are all these supplements even necessary? Do they give anything, do they protect against diseases? If so, which ones? For starters, an unrelenting statistic. Every second human will develop cancer. One in four will die from the disease. It can be said that this is one of the … Read more

B12 supplementation

Many people – including doctors – have no idea what supplementing this vitamin without the aid of injections should look like. I’m often asked about this, it’s worth having it all in one place. By way of introduction, some interesting facts. No animal can synthesize this vitamin in its body, and no plant contains it, … Read more

Vitamin C and cancer, or why forums should not be trusted.

Once upon a time, when I was looking for descriptions of the effectiveness of various substances, I read the reviews available on the Internet. At some point, however, I realized that virtually every supplement I read about in the reviews had miraculous, even magical properties. It wasn’t long before I came across an article that … Read more

Curcumin – the ultimate herb?

It is a substance with astonishing properties – it is hard to count the number of diseases for which it has been shown to work. One can get the impression that it helps almost everything. In many cases, it is simply anti-inflammatory and analgesic, but sometimes the effects are beyond our wildest expectations. A word … Read more