B12 supplementation

Many people – including doctors – have no idea what supplementing this vitamin without the aid of injections should look like. I’m often asked about this, it’s worth having it all in one place. By way of introduction, some interesting facts. No animal can synthesize this vitamin in its body, and no plant contains it, … Read more

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Every now and then I get asked about it – it’s time to gather all the information in one place so I don’t have to write from scratch each time. First, the bad news – the course of the disease clearly shows that it is not due to any deficiencies, infections or poisoning. Diseases that … Read more

Curcumin – the ultimate herb?

It is a substance with astonishing properties – it is hard to count the number of diseases for which it has been shown to work. One can get the impression that it helps almost everything. In many cases, it is simply anti-inflammatory and analgesic, but sometimes the effects are beyond our wildest expectations. A word … Read more

How one supplement can change our life

The title is a bit over the top, as it’s about the life of a mouse, but it can still be impressive. It’s tricky trying to translate philosophical thought into English, but let’s try. Let’s talk about free will, or rather about the fact that it is largely an illusion. We want to eat and … Read more

Potassium in anxiety disorders

I have a problem with my websites. I try to post there only what has some scientific justification, is researched, even on animals. But what to do in a situation when there are no such studies? What if medicine simply doesn’t give a damn about something and there hasn’t even been a single clinical trial? … Read more

Herbs in depression and anxiety

The title is a bit perverse – the article will deal with only one herbal mixture and only those cases of mood disorders that are related to the so-called “irritable bowel syndrome”. Under this mysterious name is usually “I don’t know why you have diarrhea”. In another article, I pointed out the very strong link … Read more

Apple cider vinegar

There are so many myths surrounding apple cider vinegar that it deserves a separate entry. Unbelievable stories that can be heard about it come from the fact that people are not able to analyze reality properly. Each disease sometimes disappears by itself, appears by itself. An allergy, for example, very often disappears at the time … Read more


Iodine deserves a separate article. I’ve written about it in several other places, but the topic is important enough that it should be in the main blog. I’ll start by ranting a bit. People interested in the alternative can be divided into two large groups. The first is the fanatical supporters. They believe everything they … Read more

Stroke prevention

Sometimes I get asked why I write mainly about scams and point out the mistakes of others instead of giving positive solutions. The reason is simple – to put it lightly, over 95% of “alternative medicine” is a scam, which is why it’s so important to warn against charlatans. I have a silent hope that … Read more