Motivation and effectiveness, and how I learn languages.

I’ve written about this before, but I think the topic is quite interesting, and it’s worth revisiting. There is one extremely important principle that should be kept in mind every day and adjust your life to it. It is the absolute basis of our existence, around which everything revolves, controlling our every decision – and … Read more

Sitting is the new smoking

A topic I’ve covered many times, but it’s so important that it’s worth recalling from time to time. It sounds like a cheap commercial – “master this one trick to extend your life by up to a dozen years”. Hearing such a thing, most people will shrug and walk away. If such a thing existed, … Read more

How one supplement can change our life

The title is a bit over the top, as it’s about the life of a mouse, but it can still be impressive. It’s tricky trying to translate philosophical thought into English, but let’s try. Let’s talk about free will, or rather about the fact that it is largely an illusion. We want to eat and … Read more

Learn more effectively!

We have only one life. In it – a limited number of days, hours. How much we can achieve depends on the effectiveness of the actions we take. You can work all your life for $3000 a month, you can work 2 months a year for $60000. If you have the skills. I don’t want … Read more