Supplements and herbs in cancer

I guess an explanation of why the entry was created in the first place is in order. People will always reach for alternatives, for various reasons. Some don’t believe in doctors, others have been told to go home, lie down and wait to die (how supplement can harm them, will they die more from it?). … Read more

Dandelion and cancer

Not long ago, information circulated on the Internet that dandelion root cures cancer. A matter as old as the world, I read about it more than 10 years ago, but now some new research has come out and the world has gone crazy. Many people face the prospect of looking for an alternative cure – … Read more

MSM in cancer treatment

There is one fundamental problem with cancer: it is not one disease, or even one strict group of diseases, but a whole series of radically different conditions that have one thing in common. What helps in one case may even harm in another, a good example being antioxidants, which greatly accelerated the development of both … Read more

Vitamin C and cancer, or why forums should not be trusted.

Once upon a time, when I was looking for descriptions of the effectiveness of various substances, I read the reviews available on the Internet. At some point, however, I realized that virtually every supplement I read about in the reviews had miraculous, even magical properties. It wasn’t long before I came across an article that … Read more

Vitamin D3 and cancer

You may wonder why I write mainly about the negative aspects of alternative medicine – to show that something does not work? The most striking difference between, let’s call it, official medicine and less official medicine is the ratio of true to false information. If we read about something in a medical textbook or hear … Read more