How one supplement can change our life

The title is a bit over the top, as it’s about the life of a mouse, but it can still be impressive. It’s tricky trying to translate philosophical thought into English, but let’s try. Let’s talk about free will, or rather about the fact that it is largely an illusion. We want to eat and … Read more

Apple cider vinegar

There are so many myths surrounding apple cider vinegar that it deserves a separate entry. Unbelievable stories that can be heard about it come from the fact that people are not able to analyze reality properly. Each disease sometimes disappears by itself, appears by itself. An allergy, for example, very often disappears at the time … Read more


Iodine deserves a separate article. I’ve written about it in several other places, but the topic is important enough that it should be in the main blog. I’ll start by ranting a bit. People interested in the alternative can be divided into two large groups. The first is the fanatical supporters. They believe everything they … Read more

Zinc supplementation.

I have written many times about how important supplementing with this element can sometimes be. It’s time to collect it all in one place, supplemented with some important information. At the beginning – who should use it? The ideal would of course be to conduct tests, unfortunately – standard blood tests are very unreliable, they … Read more


Quite an interesting element – one of the “secrets” of longevity and health, something that most people lack and can be supplemented without much trouble. One thing that has changed with the epidemic of lifestyle diseases is the ratio of potassium to sodium in the diet. In one study where average intake was checked in … Read more

Cysteine ​​- the best supplement?

It is difficult to find another such substance – research on which would give equally positive and unequivocal results. It would be inappropriate to ask “what does it help”. It is hard to find a disease or ailment where cysteine did NOT help! It is one of the amino acids, or simply a protein. You … Read more

Vitamin K2 – MK7 form vs MK4 form

There has been some buzz about it recently. However, it is often recommended to take the MK7 form and advised against buying MK4. I will simply present selected research on both. Osteoporosis and bone strengthening MK7: In a recently published study, MK7 taken for 3 years at 180 mcg / day prevented osteoporosis of the … Read more


Recently there has been a lot of buzz about this supplement. I wrote about it a few years ago, so it is time to refresh the topic. Many people associate it mainly with psychiatry. And indeed it is sometimes prescribed as a treatment for some disorders. However, it must be emphasized that this is something … Read more

The riddle of palmitoleic acid

When analyzing diet and the effects of nutrients on our health, there are often real puzzles. For example, why is it that the human body can make vitamin K2 (as evidenced by its synthesis during pregnancy and nursing), but for some reason does not – and relies on dietary sources? Why aren’t we making adequate … Read more


The entry will not be very “scientific” as MSM is not very well researched. There have been a few clinical trials on this substance, there have been a few for its twin – DMSO, but that’s about it. Most of it has to be guessed at – and possibly risked by testing on yourself. Sometimes … Read more