Tryptophan is one of my favorite supplements. It is rare to find something that helps such a large percentage of people with a very strong and pronounced effect. Most of the specifics I discuss on the blog generally help a small number of sufferers and require a long supplementation, for example, omega 3, which is … Read more

Potassium in anxiety disorders

I have a problem with my websites. I try to post there only what has some scientific justification, is researched, even on animals. But what to do in a situation when there are no such studies? What if medicine simply doesn’t give a damn about something and there hasn’t even been a single clinical trial? … Read more

Herbs in depression and anxiety

The title is a bit perverse – the article will deal with only one herbal mixture and only those cases of mood disorders that are related to the so-called “irritable bowel syndrome”. Under this mysterious name is usually “I don’t know why you have diarrhea”. In another article, I pointed out the very strong link … Read more

Vitamin A in anxiety disorder and panic attacks

I’ve come across some extremely interesting studies recently. Individually they may not be that interesting, but if you look at them all, quite an interesting web of relationships emerges. But first, by way of introduction. Probably every “neurotic” has heard about how the best thing they can do is eat magnesium. But also after trying … Read more