Supplements and herbs in cancer

I guess an explanation of why the entry was created in the first place is in order. People will always reach for alternatives, for various reasons. Some don’t believe in doctors, others have been told to go home, lie down and wait to die (how supplement can harm them, will they die more from it?). … Read more

Curcumin – the ultimate herb?

It is a substance with astonishing properties – it is hard to count the number of diseases for which it has been shown to work. One can get the impression that it helps almost everything. In many cases, it is simply anti-inflammatory and analgesic, but sometimes the effects are beyond our wildest expectations. A word … Read more

Herbs in depression and anxiety

The title is a bit perverse – the article will deal with only one herbal mixture and only those cases of mood disorders that are related to the so-called “irritable bowel syndrome”. Under this mysterious name is usually “I don’t know why you have diarrhea”. In another article, I pointed out the very strong link … Read more

Comparison of the effectiveness of garlic and amoxicillin

People who are interested in “alternative” methods would probably be interested in solid, scientific knowledge regarding garlic’s antibacterial properties. It is said to be a “natural antibiotic,” but what does that really mean? Can it actually kill bacteria in the body, or just in a test tube? I emphasize that this is a fantasy based … Read more

Black caraway in the treatment of inflammatory diseases

Everyone has probably heard of black cumin oil. But few have had to deal with the seeds. And they are the most important! As it turns out, you can have an excellent and very effective therapy costing literally a few pounds a month. Let’s look at Hashimoto’s disease, where patients were given 2 grams of … Read more