Vitamin A in anxiety disorder and panic attacks

I’ve come across some extremely interesting studies recently. Individually they may not be that interesting, but if you look at them all, quite an interesting web of relationships emerges. But first, by way of introduction. Probably every “neurotic” has heard about how the best thing they can do is eat magnesium. But also after trying … Read more

Gym – basic rules and dispelling myths.

I get questions about the gym all the time on the forum – I’ll take a few minutes and write an article about it so I have somewhere to refer back to instead of writing back the same thing every time. First thing, the “what to do to look like this guy” question. Looks depend … Read more


The topic is quite lively. You can find hundreds of conspiracy theories that almost all diseases are caused by parasitic infections – if you search carefully, even cancer is explained by fungi or some worms. On the other hand you can meet with opinions that it’s all bullshit and nobody in civilized country has any … Read more

The riddle of palmitoleic acid

When analyzing diet and the effects of nutrients on our health, there are often real puzzles. For example, why is it that the human body can make vitamin K2 (as evidenced by its synthesis during pregnancy and nursing), but for some reason does not – and relies on dietary sources? Why aren’t we making adequate … Read more


The entry will not be very “scientific” as MSM is not very well researched. There have been a few clinical trials on this substance, there have been a few for its twin – DMSO, but that’s about it. Most of it has to be guessed at – and possibly risked by testing on yourself. Sometimes … Read more

Vitamin D3 and cancer

You may wonder why I write mainly about the negative aspects of alternative medicine – to show that something does not work? The most striking difference between, let’s call it, official medicine and less official medicine is the ratio of true to false information. If we read about something in a medical textbook or hear … Read more

The gym

Of all types of physical activity, strength training is probably the most beneficial. It combines a number of health benefits, a significant improvement in appearance and a much more comfortable daily life. And most importantly, it doesn’t require a large commitment at all. Just two one-hour workouts a week are enough to completely change your … Read more

Comparison of the effectiveness of garlic and amoxicillin

People who are interested in “alternative” methods would probably be interested in solid, scientific knowledge regarding garlic’s antibacterial properties. It is said to be a “natural antibiotic,” but what does that really mean? Can it actually kill bacteria in the body, or just in a test tube? I emphasize that this is a fantasy based … Read more

Black caraway in the treatment of inflammatory diseases

Everyone has probably heard of black cumin oil. But few have had to deal with the seeds. And they are the most important! As it turns out, you can have an excellent and very effective therapy costing literally a few pounds a month. Let’s look at Hashimoto’s disease, where patients were given 2 grams of … Read more

An effective treatment for restless legs syndrome?

Sometimes I come across a study that is a complete surprise to me. That was the case here. Because how is it possible that restless legs syndrome (RLS) is caused by a deficiency of… potassium? To begin with, it’s worth writing what RLS is, some people diagnose it for themselves, some get misdiagnosed by their … Read more